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Principal Organizers of Symposia (Titles/positions as of March 1998)

Ahn, Joonhong

PhD, 1988, Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, and D. Eng., 1989, Nuclear Engineering, University of Tokyo. After he taught at University of Tokyo and Tokai University in Japan for 5 years, he joined the faculty of the Nuclear Engineering Department at UCB as Assistant Professor in 1995. He teaches and is actively engaged in research in the area of radioactive waste management and mass transport through heterogeneous geologic media. See here for updated information.

An, Shigehiro

PhD, Nuclear Engineering, University of Tokyo. He taught at Nuclear Engineering Department, University of Tokyo for 18 years until 1984, and joined the faculty of Tokai University. He is an Emeritus Professor of University of Tokyo. He has lead the nuclear community in Japan through govermental and academic activities, by chairing many committees of Atomic Energy Commission, Nuclear Safety Commission, Science and Technology Agency, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and so on, and by advising many research institutes such as JAERI, CRIEPI, and PNC.

Chang, Soon Heung

Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and Commissioner, Korea Nuclear Safety Commission, Korea

Harada, Yoshihisa

Assistant Director, Research Planning and Coordination Division, Tokai University Educational System, Japan.

Ishino, Shiori

Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo, and Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Tokai University, Japan.

Kawashima, Kanau

BS, 1957, Physics, California Institute of Tech¬nology; 1968, PhD, Nuclear Engineering, University of Tokyo. After he studied at the Department of Nuclear Engineering at University of Tokyo, he joined the state-owned Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation in 1968. Since then, he was leading the Monju (Japan’s ex¬perimental Fast Breeder Reactor) project. He was Chairman and Professor of the Nuclear Engineering Department at Tokai Univer¬sity (1994–1998). He is currently Chancellor of Kyushu Tokai University.

Ogawa, Koichi

PhD, 1973, Sociology, Keio University, Japan. Since then, he has been teaching at Department of Communications, Tokai University. He is currently Professor, and serving as Executive Secretary General, the Japan Society for Studies in Journal-ism and Mass Communication. He is actively engaged in research in the areas of relationships between social turmoil and mass media, and relationships between panic in a society and groundless rumors.

Ohe, Toshiaki

M. Eng., 1978, Applied Chemistry, Keio University; D. Eng., 1987, Nuclear Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan. He joined the Central Reassert Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) in 1978 and now teaches at the Nuclear Engineering Department in Tokai University as Associate Professor. His current research activity is mostly engaged to the geochemical interactions of nuclides and geomedia. He is also a member of the steering committee of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Environment Division, Atomic Energy Society of Japan.

Shieh, Mu-Chang

PhD, 1969, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. He has been leading the nuclear energy development in Taiwan as a variety of re-sponsible positions, such as Project Manager, Uranium Conversion Project at Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER), and Head of Chemical Engineering Division, INER. He taught at National Tsinghua University. He is currently Commissioner of the Atomic Energy Council, Professor at National Cheng Kung University, and Deputy Manager of Technology Transfer Center at INER.

Soentono, Soedyartomo

PhD, 1979, Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry, University of Salford, England. Ever since 1970, he has been working at the National Atomic Energy Agency (BATAN) of Indonesia. He was Technical Manager for Nuclear Fuel Element from 1984 to 1986, Director of Nuclear Fuel Element Center from 1986 to 1994, and is currently Deputy Director Gen¬eral of BATAN for Nuclear Industrial Research and Development.

Xu, Yuanhui

BS, 1962, Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing. He studied at Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, from 1970 to 1981. He joined Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology (INET), Tsinghua University in 1981, and engaged in reactor engineering and physical simulation of heavy oil recovery. He is currently Professor and Dep¬uty Director of INET, and is Project Manager for the 10 MW High Temperature Reactor Test Module.

Yamada, Kiyoshi

LLB, 1980, Law, Waseda University, Japan. After studying as a Research Fellow at Waseda’s Graduate School of Law, he joined the faculty of Department of Human Welfare Economics at Tokai University in 1989. He concurrently holds the positions of President of Tokai University Pacific Center, Chancellor of Hawaii Tokai International College and Associate Professor of Economic Law at the Tokai University School of Humanities and Culture. He currently specializes in intellectual property rights.