March 15-16, 2004

Tokyo, Japan

Hosted by

Tokai University Education System, Japan

Co-organized by

Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Toshiaki Ohe and Joonhong Ahn




Welcome Speech, Tatsuro Matsumae, President of the Tokai University Educational System

Session 1: Directions, Scope of the Symposium (Chair, Ohe)

  • Introduction, Kanau Kawashima (Tokai University)
  • Brief Summary of the Nuclear Energy Symposium, Joonhong Ahn (UCB), Slides

Session 2: Situation of each country and region (Chair, Shieh, Xu)

  • Nuclear Energy and Education, Xu Yuanfui (INET, Tsunghua University, China), Slides
  • Nuclear Energy Perspective in Indonesia, Asmedi Suripto (BATAN, Indonesia), Slides, Summary
  • Ongkharak Nuclear Research Center, Sunchai Nilsuwankosit (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand), Slides, Summary
  • Will Taiwan Become the First Nuclear-Free Homeland in Asia?, Mu-Chang Shieh (NuSTA, Taiwan), Slides
  • Past and Future: Korea's Energy Development, Soon Heung Chang(KAIST, Korea, Slides
  • Nuclear Energy in the United States: 50 Years after Atoms for Peace, Jor-Shan Choi (LLNL, USA), Slides
  • What Happened on Nuclear Energy during These Years?, Toshiaki Ohe (Tokai University, Japan), Slides

Session 3: Dialogue with Young Scientists (Chair, Ahn, Ohe)

  • Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT), (IAEA), Summary
  • The dream for the sustainability of Nuclear Energy from the viewpoint of a researcher and educator for 8th Nuclear Energy Symposium, Li Fu (INET, Tsunghua University, China), Summary
  • Dialogue with Young Scientists for Sustainable Development of Future Nuclear Energy in Asia-Pacific Region, Gyunyoung Heo (KAIST, Korea), Slides
  • Is Nuclear Power really Necessary in Vietnam?, Hoang Thi Kieu Trang (Natural Science University of HCM City, Vietnam), Slides
  • Sustainable Development of Future Nuclear Energy in Asia-Pacific Region, Urith Archankositt (Chulalongkorn Univeersity), Slides, Summary
  • Ion Acceleration from the Interaction of Ultra-Intense Laser Pulse with a Thin Foil, Matthew Allen (University of California, Berkeley), Slides, Summary
  • The Future of Nuclear and its Implications for YG, M. Sakuma (YGN Executive Committee, Atomic Energy Society of Japan), Slides
  • Student Committee of Japan Atomic Society, Yoshinori Hiroya (Tohoku University, Japan), Slides
  • Agenda of the 8th Nuclear Energy Symposium, Kohei Iwanaga (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), Slides

Session 4: Summary and Future Directions (Chair, Kawashima)

  • Comments from Sociological View Point, Koichi Ogawa (Tokai University, Japan), Slides
  • Discussion with the attendants


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