March 15-16, 1999

Lungtan, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Hosted by

Nuclear Science & Technology Association (NuSTA)

Co-organized by

Tokai University Educational System

Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER)

Mu-Chang Shieh and Shing-Tai Chen




High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Program me in China (Y. Xu)

Nuclear Research and Development in Indonesia and Expectation on Asia-Pacific Cooperation (S. Soentono)

Introduction of TRR-II Project (Y. Chou)

Health Effects of Low Level Radiation (S. Hattori)

The study of Biological Effect on Low Dose Radiation in Taiwan (M. Shieh, Y. Su, and M. Wu)

Social Conflict and Public Acceptance as a Foundation of Social Consensus (K. Ogawa)

Public Acceptance of Nuclear Energy in Korea (K. Lee and Y. Lee)

FBR Fuel Cycle with Reducing Amount of Reprocessed Uranium and Plutonium (Y. Enokida)

Recent Progress of the HLW Disposal Program in Japan (T. Ohe)

Fuel Cycle Backend Transport in Japan (K. Uchino and M. Nakajima)

Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle for Improved Radioactive Waste Management (J. Ahn)

An Experience of Teaching an Introductory Nuclear Engineering in Thailand (T. Onchi and S. Chungpaibulpatana)

Analysis of Energy Systems for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Japan (T. Nakata)

Nuclear Engineering Education in Thailand Present Status (N. Chankow)

Nuclear Engineering Education-History, Current Status and Future Needs- (S. Ishino)


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