March 27-29, 2000

Beijing, China

Hosted by

Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, China

Co-organized by

Tokai University Education System, Japan,


Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology, Tsinghua University

Yuanhui Xu and Joonhong Ahn



Table of Contents

The Encapsulated Nuclear heat Source reactor Concept for Developing and for Industrial Countries (E. Greenspan)

921 Taiwan Earthquake & Safety Effects on NPP (M. Shieh)

Chinese Fast Reactor Technology Development (M. Xu)

Role of Nuclear Power: A Cost-Effective Solution to Meet Constraints of Carbon Emissions (T. Nakata)

Nuclear Heating Reactor and its Application (Y. Zhang)

Directions for Nuclear Safety Cooperation in the Asia/Pacific Region (S. Chang)

Relationship Between Nuclear Fuel Cycle Parameters and HLW Repository Performance (J. Ahn)

Harmonized Connection of Waste Disposal and Partitioning & TRANSMUTATION (T. Ohe)

Mathematics Model Study and Solving Method Research of Technetium-99 in Naturally Dual Media (C. Li)

Study on Partitioning of Long Lived Nuclides from HLLW in Tsinghua University (C. Song)

Nuclear Technology Application Responding Public’s Needs (S. Soentono)

Comments on the Presentations (K. Kawashima)

Present Status of the High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) (S. Shiozawa)

The development Project of HTTR Heat Application System (S. Shiozawa)

Nuclear Engineering Education in the 21st Century (S. Ishino)

Nuclear Engineering Education at Tsinghua University in Beijing (K. Wang)

Public Acceptance for Nuclear MAterials Transport (M. Nakajima)

Cellular responses to Low Doses of Radiation (A. Ito)

Human Factor Analysis on Criticality Accident (K. Sasou)

Public Opinion in the Mass Society and Japanese Public Opinion about Nuclear Power Generation (K. Ogawa)


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